Micro Soldering

Micro Soldering Board Repairs Pricing

I 5 SERIES6565656565656565-8065-8065
I 66565656580656565-8065-8080
I 6 PLUS6565656580656580-10080-10080
I 6S6565656580658080-10080-100100
I 6S PLUS6565656580658080-10080-100100
I 770708080100908080-10080-100100
I 7 PLUS70708080100909080-10080-100100
IPAD 26580506065806580
IPAD 36580506065806580
IPAD 46580508065806590
IPAD AIR6580508080806590
IPAD AIR 2LCD TAKEN OFF65.00LCD TAKEN OFF 80.005010080908590
MINI 16580508080806590
MINI 26580508080806590
MINI 36580508080908590
MINI 4LCD TAKEN OFF65.00LCD TAKEN OFF 80.005010080908590
I 68090-11080808090-11090908080
I 6 PLUS8090-11080808050-11090908080
I 6S8090-12080808050-12090908080
I 6S PLUS8090-12080808050-12090908080
I 7100100-1301001008050-1201001009090
I 7 PLUS100100-1301001008050-1201001009090

2. Repair Doesn’t Cover:

  • Dead Battery
  • Cracked LCD Screen or Glass
  • Other defective parts beyond the logic board.

After the logic board fix, if you want to replace the defective parts beyond the logic board, there will be extra charge at discount price.the right to refuse service to anyone. Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene, threatening, illegal, or violates our terms of service in any manner may be removed from our servers (or otherwise disabled), with or without notice.


3. About Data:

This service will not guarantee the data on your iPhone, if you do care about your data please backup by yourself before sending to us.

  • We will not reset or remove your data on iPhone without customer’s approval unless “no data backup” is marked on the repair service form. With “no data backup” marked. it will help us to expedite your iPhone repair.
  • If your data on iPhone is far more important than your iPhone itself, please let us know so that we can focus on your iPhone data recovery more than anything else during our repair service.

4. Repair turnaround time:

This repair service will take about 2-5 working business days usually, but sometimes special issue or serious liquid damaged units may take longer.

5. After Order:

Once we receive your payment, we will send you a detail shipping instruction email to show you how to prepare the repair service form within our system and send out your items. You can keep track your repair with the service number which will be generated when you prepare the service form.
Our technicians will need the password of your device to do a fully test after the logic board repair. So please let us know this information by including it within the service form when you send in your machine.
Sometimes the issues on your phone are too complicated, our technician will need to restore your phone to receive an “error code”. This will be very helpful & expedite our repair. So please clearly let us know if you it is ok to restore your phone or not. Thanks you.

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