Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G Camera Lens (Glass Only)

Sale price$3.00


  • This Best quality Back Camera Lens (Glass Only) With Adhesive for Samsung Galaxy S22 / S22 Plus (3 Piece Set).
  • Replace damaged or cracked Back Camera Lens with our best quality part for Samsung Galaxy S22 / S22 Plus.
  • This item is made of superior transparent glass, which features accurate size and is able to apply to the right position on the back housing frame perfectly.
  • It comes with adhesive sticker.
  • We recommended for Professional Installation
  • Compatible with S901B / S901B/DS / S901U / S901U1 / S901W / S901N / S9010 / S901E / S901E/DS / S906B / S906B/DS / S906U / S906U1 / S906W / S906N / S9060 / S906E / S906E/DS

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